Firstly let me note that Money Map Press have refunded most of our $1700 subscription to the Tom Gentile Money Calendar Alert. However this system is complete nonsense, in its attempt to predict a stocks direction based on the last ten years of activity.

We followed two months of Tom Gentiles' advice to the letter; we lost $1700 of our capital before we got out. Every one of the recommended option trades failed and lost money. Each and every question we filed with customer services was met with a vague and unhelpful response.

In the end we turned to our brokerage platform Charles Schwab for trading advice. My dog could have picked better options!

Product or Service Mentioned: Money Map Press Money Calendar Alert Subscription.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Money Map Press Cons: Bad advice, Terrible customer service.

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First thank you all for preventing myself and many others from another scam/RIP off. I also wanted to understand why you all paid so much when it was offered to me at a discount for $69 for 2 years at the pro level.

Lastly, why buy a product from someone who's last name (at a quick glance) resembles Genitals? Gentiles...pretty darn close lol....


Hi all, Just wonder who has had experience with Tom Gentiles Alpha 9, I noted it was being offered through Angels investment pre IPO investment service. In three different packages, 3200, basic, mid 4300 and 6000, I noted after doing a little research on the money map page that the Alpha 9 was going for 2500.

After a couple of days of pushing it on Angel investments the price jumped to over 6000. Seems to me if the guy does not need the money as he states in his introduction to the Alpha 9, why is he charging so much for a service.

Has anyone used this and is it worth the money. Thanks for any feed back Tim


Tried it and had no winners. Lucky that at that time they were offering a money back deal. I got my money back.


Hi all, just wonder who has had experience with Tom Gentiles Alpha 9, I noted it was being offered through Angels investment pre IPO. In three different packages, 3200, basic, mid 4300 and 6000, I noted after doing a little research that on money map that the Alpha nine was going for 2500.

After a couple of days of pushing it on Angel investments the price jumped to over 6000.

Has anyone used this and is it worth the money. Thanks for any feed back Tim


I have just cancelled my subscription to Tom Gentile's Trading Circle after over two months of trading based on his trade alerts. Out of 57 trades that I could get into, over half lost money, even though I reacted immediately to Tom's buy and sell alerts and correctly implemented the exit strategies Tom recommended.

To add to the misery, the losing trades lost much more money than the winning trades made, resulting in a net loss of an average of over 20% on each trade. Tom recommended a position-sizing of around $500. My positions were consistently around $800 to $900. I wish I had followed Tom's advice of no more than $500 so my losses would have averaged only around $120 per trade instead of $215 per trade.

Regardless of position sizing, the experiment was a disaster. I no longer will sit and wait for trading alerts to be posted so I can act immediately on them, all for a loss.

Something is wrong with the systems he uses in the trade services. Their actual performance in no way resembles the profitability implied in the sales pitches.


3 years ago out of 19 Gentile's calendar option recommendations lost a total of $3637 on 18 of them and made $43 on one. When I called support she confirmed that their projections lost 18 recommends in a row.

At least they refunded my initial subscription money.

Lesson learned. JS


It would be great if there was a way I could to talk to somebody who is making money trading options ...any suggestions


Pete njarian and his brother are legit options experts


Try ragingbull.com if you like to trade a lot of options . They have a signal trading service and you also can watch Jeff enter his trades live 9n his platform while he let's you enter your trade first...

they have lots of different services and 7 believe Alpha was thier latest I myself would love to have the service so I am saving up for it. John Howell has more of an education system on reading charts....however he may only trade 2 dozen trades a year the stockmarket because he looks for a specific set up. He also trades 9ther markets looking for the same set-up so he does wind up making a lot more trades in the end. No service but good education.

Another GREAT service I found recently is also education based but they also give you picks. TradingOptions LIVE... and you can.check out some of their YouTube videos to give.you an idea what they are like... I believe them to be the best just by watching their videos where 9n s9me they record themselves when they love trade and explain a lot.

Good luck.

However 8f you ever get a new service especially some of these please drop me.an.email. you can let me know how good it goes and give me the signals you get harriskenny80@***.com


I’m glad I read your reviews. I was going to get Money Map Press.

Now I’m not going to get Money Call. Tom Gentle said you can double your money on options.

I’ll have to look for something else. Thank you!!


I've been in Tom Gentile's Money Calendar Pro since May 2019, and the last time I looked, he is averaging about 80% winning trades with his recommendations, and I haven't been able to do any spreads yet, just straight CALL and PUT buying when he says it's going up or down! I think that you have to TRUST the system and DETACH from the MONEY invested, otherwise your nervous energy negatively affects the outcome!


Thanks to everyone who's warned us not to get caught in the Web of Bullshiat!


I lost a fortune using Tom Gentiles Alpha 9, Weekly Call, and Money Calander Pro service. They are completely dishonest from what they claim




We have made money from Calendar Pro and very happy for this. This month we made 10k.


Hi...!!! Is there any way we could talk or use another method of communication??? I would like to have a real discussion with somebody that is making money using the aforementioned advisory services, Thank you


Yes thank you all for your review's on Tom Gentile's investing subscription! It sounds like he is offering the same thing but changing the name of it?

This was an options trade that he gives you monday and any day up to friday he will give you the sell alert. He promised 10x your money put in the trade in 4 months or he will give you another years subscription for free! The cost $1450. + $200 senior discount and of course the whole package come at a 60% discount and a $500 rebate.

I am learning that these subscription investing deals are just a bunch of empty promises and false claims that they say are because they want to help the average person make money to get a head in life, *** I SAY! Excuse the expletive *** word! It just gets you in on a cheap weekly/monthly newsletter to start selling you bigger and better so called investing strategies non stop. On top of that they exchange your info amongst the connected few investing guru's to sell you other types of investing strats by'marketing ambushing'.

Like Mike Ward, he does the introducing videos for several different types of investing programs. He is a cannabis investor shill, various computer type automated platforms like alpha 9 and so on. It is beginning to look like these guys are nothing but con artists taking advantage of as they call us 'THE AVERAGE PERSON WHO WHO NEEDS A CHANCE' to make some money too, knowing thst most of us are not to knowledgeable on investing but now have access to online brokerage technology to do it on their own. It really *** me off that there never seems to be an honest human who is not in it just to take your money!

I know, how nieve of me to think someone was sincere. I mean the scamers seem to be coming out of every where you look or venture!

Anyways, that is my rant for the DAY folks. Best of luck out there in this F'd up world!


To Mojoemoney55 ………….I don't believe trades were recommended on those stocks during the three months you speak of.


well then- thank you. I will stay away.

so any honest subscriptions out there? anyone know?


It's the worst investment for me. Don't ever buy it!

They will never return the money back to you.

Customer service is very bad! Don't give away your credit card #!

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