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Beware of Money Map Press' "Night Trader" scam: Chris Johnson's slick sales pitch: "As a former CEO, broker and Director, The Night Trader is the one man in America who has figured out a way to infiltrate the markets after the closing bell at 4 p.m…And execute specific trades on stocks that he knows – with as close to 100% certainty as possible – are bound to go up in price IMMEDIATELY. Then, when he wakes up the next day, he often finds an extra $500, $1,000, or $1,500 sitting in his account.

On the night of December 10, for example, The Night Trader went bowling with a few friends. When he got home later that night, he made few trades on his smartphone. When he checked his account the next day, he was $1,100 richer." 1. In the sales pitch video he claims to be related to a long line of engineers, one of whom, a Swiss engineer, developed the Command Grid trading system.

2. We target simple Turbo Stocks that are in the GREEN ZONE on the Command Grid. Follow along with that, and we'll make a fortune. 3.

That is the power of the Night Trade, a special kind of order that takes just 5 minutes of your time has the potential to make you 50%, 100%, or even 125% profit by the NEXT MORNING! 4. Just sit back, wait for profits, enter a new position later on. 5.

Claims he can turn a $5000 trading account into $174,500 by the end of one year or you get your money back. (That works out to a profit of $695/day for each of the year's 251 trading days.) 6. I'm on pace to see total winning gains of 3390% per year. 7.

I plan on giving you absolute freedom and making you rich enough so that you never worry about money again for the rest of your life. 8. Take part in the boldest initiative in the history of our business. Prepare to make more money than ever before.

 And here are the results after one week: https://moneymappress.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/171229-NTR-Scorecard.png Dismal results, yet they claim "I've already seen total winning gains of 929% and I'm only just getting started." These scam artists need to be shut down! Don't fall for this scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Money Map Press Night Trader Subscription.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $2995.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: False claims of huge gains, Misleading, Refuse refund.

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Huge loses with no intent of honoring a subscription guarantee. He only counts a few positive trade and none of the huge loses. Scam.


They will only tell you their picks, and they will do a sell order when "we" get in, thus they can claim a "win." With about two million customers, they can win most of the time. If you get a text buy call, and you buy, your helping them.

They say that they will text you a sell order when they sell. I have Fast Fortune Club in Money Map Press, and I got BURNED two option trades in a row.

Then, Money Map Press will bombard me with upgrade buys TAUNTING ME with a better system for five grand a year membership, that was not refundable. What the "democrat?"


Based on PERSONAL EXPERIENCE as a subscriber, MANY of MoneyMap Press publications either provide misleading profit numbers or (worse IMHO) FRONT RUN the trades that are successful. I have documented dozens of examples of trades that were shown as gains even when the price traded immediately above the entry price. In other words, subscribers were unable to get into the shares at the price target, and those that chased it at best had LESS THAN what the publication claims to be correct.


Chris Johnson ripped me off, too, with his misleading, misrepresented hyperbole sales pitch. It is truly a "bait and switch" tactic that he uses.

I paid my $2995 for his "No Refunds" service because the "Overnight Trades" sounded like a unique approach and one that didn't require a lot of time in front of the computer tracking my trades. I signed up for "Night Trader" in good faith, expecting Mr. Johnson to honor his word, which he hasn't done. When I called Customer Service about his tactics and that I requested a refund (despite the "No Refund" policy) because he wasn't providing the venue that I had paid for, I was told that Mr.

Johnson was having to temporarily change his approach because of all the upheaval in the Market. So "Night Trader" has just turned into another standard "Options" trading service, with some Equity trades mixed in. Well, the market is more often than not in a state of flux, so if he can't give his subscribers the service he offered and they paid for, then he, in good faith, should refund the money. I am looking for others who have been victimized by Mr.

Johnson's "Night Trader" program to see if we can begin a class action lawsuit against him. If interested, I can be reached at alwalters87@gmail.com


4/18/18Get a load of this piece of garbage....Just sent an email to my father (whose investment account I manage) closing out 3 positions.Slyly at the end he says this 'little' setback is ok as our stocks are up an average of 14% across the board.That is nice.....BUT you didn't mention that the options you just closed were down an average of 90%!!!Chris Johnson Night Trader......straight up trash and avoid at all costs.


File a claim with your credit card company. Tell them this is a SCAM- tell them about the 98-99% success rate Chris Johnson claims as his track record, he trades mostly stock options which are risky too, and buys them with a very near expiration date- even as soon as three weeks (15 -18 trading days).He tells you to buy one at say, $1.10 or better (i.e.

lower) and sit back and wait for the order to be filled- which is bunk- by the time he recommends the stock after-hours he knows which way its moving and of course uses mostly that days recent price of $1.10 or so, but by the next morning the option goes to say 1.15, or 1.20... you never have a chance to buy it at $1.10 as hundreds of others are trying to do the same thing! I had 7 of 8 of my trades go very much bust, and fast - 1 -2 weeks at most. As the market moves against you, they keep you in, way too long!

And, Chris Johnson makes quippy remarks about a security, as if he has an omniscient veil over the company, like "its time to fell this tree" when tell you to buy PUTS on a company whose symbol is OAK, or something like "this cup of coffee is getting cold" when referring to buying PUTS on Starbucks in Feb. 2018 (both of which predictions he was pretty much dead-wrong about)This aggressive marketeer is operating at one tiny level above boiler room.They state non-refundable- but press them, pressure them and if they don't refund your money you can always file an FTC complaint- that will get their attention! (I was refunded $2500 after a couple of back-and-forth volleys with the credit card company- and it was not AMEX either).

Also, there is another aggressive mktr. Keith Fitz-Gerald with another site under the broadly based "Money Map Press".Good luck to all.

to Michael D #1477730

I watched by account losing day after day from entering Night Trader recommendations while they were reporting enormous gains. Thinking I was doing something wrong I emailed them and expressed my confusion of my results.

The response I received was that given time I will get the result that was promised. My account continued to decline so in my anxiety I emailed twice, then called requesting a refund. I was told that the Night Trader was beta tested and no refund would be given. I reported that my account was dragged down 40% and continued to decline every day as the positions approach expiration with 100% losses.

I visited this site and noted that many others were voicing my results and my experience with the Night Trader. I eventually requested a refund from my credit card after one last call to them. I was refunded $2250 but I am still down on my trading account.

This was a total disappointment and Money Map Press should discontinue this service and refund subscribers' hard earned money. This is a loser that seems to be geared to make us lose money since every position heads in the opposite direction.

to F.Evans #1578028

I decided, clearly, after reading the enormous volume of negative E - Mails from disgruntled customers who felt they were cheated and misled " The Night Trader " , NOT to invest in the Night Trader and Chris Johnson 's Line of BS. I was born at night, Mr.

Johnson, just not last night. RUN - DO NOT WALK, from this type of un -substantiated Hype. Night Trader, more akin to " Night Stalker" it would appear.

It also seems, many of these wild absurd claims of providing " Over - Night Profits and lavish claims of Instant Wealth seem to emanate from Del Ray Beach, Florida and other parts of the Eastern SeaBoard. I live adjacent to a genuine technology hub, Silicon Valley, Mountain View, California, so please Del Ray Beach, Florida, spare me all the cheap ***


I listened intently for about ten minutes but when they talk on and on saying the same thing over and over it's time to check for scams. That's how I came to this site.

Thanks to all. LOL


As long as authorities allow anyone who makes false claims to continue without being considered fraud these pirates will thrive. It seems to be accepted online to be dishonest and ripoff people of their hard earned money unfortunately.


Why aren't these scam people thrown in jail, like , Altucher, Weekly Wealth Alert, Agora and the rest.


Thanks for all your comments. I was just about to join for $2,500.00. Everyone should get together and file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, DC.


I am also an upset consumer of this product. I would love to hear directly from Andy and others at eproctor@connicklawllc.com.


everyone are 100% correct, a total fraud and scam, I'll report this scam to various government agencies


Everything money press offers along with all the so called experts suck bad. Save your $$$$$ and don't be dumb!!!! Easy $$$ does not exist....this is fraud!!!!


Money map press as a whole lost me many thousands. Don't join!!!!


Money map is still flogging Night Trader with 100% inaccurate results. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS SALES PITCH. IT IS MALARKEY!

to Rueful in BC #1432639

complete {{Redacted}},this is nothing but a scheme to steal people's hard earned money.


From what the reviews say, this is a rip off. I work hard for what little money I earn. I'm not going to give my money to a scam artist


Wow Tnx for the info !!

But what is going on whit moneymappress if they put that up on their site can we then trust them?

How can we trust something that lets other publish scam on their site?

Don’t you agree?

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