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Update by user Jul 28, 2018

After contacting the company on several occasions to ask for a refund, they have never contacted me back. In addition, they have also Auto charged my card at the one year mark which I have disputed. Everything about this company is dishonest and again, I will say 'stay away'.

Original review posted by user Nov 01, 2017

Thank you so much for starting this post. I started this service in approx.

August of 2017. After reading the sales pitch on how good this service was and how the advice was going to be nearly 100% accurate , I signed up for the $2,000 sales price. Wow, was I excited. However, my experience is exactly as all of you have stated.

I've have lost almost 100% of my money on every trade (approx. 8) except for 1. What they should have told us is that they are pretty much 100% on the wrong side of the trade. I sent them an email saying they should refund my money and how awful and the advice was and how much money I have so far lost, around $9k, I never heard back.

I was suckered and I have lost all respect for money map press. I told them I should start a blog like this one and that I wanted to expose this fraud. All the emails I get from Shah Gilani who now runs this service, always focuses on the one trade that worked out and fails to even mention the losses. How can you freakin ignore the 90% losses.

Scam, fraud, and all I can say is whoever reads this PLEASE STAY AWAY from this bogus options trading advice. Please for your own good.

I guess they think money grows on trees. I hope others post the truth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Money Map Press Subscription.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: False advertising regarding extreme risk and price.

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I signed up with Momey Map to use Tom Gentile's option picks. I did alright on the money calendar but not so good on the Money Calls.

I then added Shah Gilani to my list and his picks were amazing! You have to be quick and use the option price he suggested. I owe him a huge hug!!

The others in Money Map, I can not speak for. Study their picks and compare to current prices before deciding; but I stand behind Shah!!


whats up bro im shocked at shah gilani and to think i was going to join him but not now.do you guys think everyone at money map press is scam? what about michael robinsons *** stocks? that seems real.


was just about to sign up. it did sound too good to be true. thanks for the warning


Thanks so much for writing this blog! You have saved me and a lot of gullible people out there a lot of pain and consternation.

These people are so-called millionaires and can be found on CNBC and other media outlets, so how do they continue to appear to have credibility? Isn't the SEC onto them? They should not only be ashamed of themselves for their deceit, they should be jailed for fleecing so many people. I didn't see one reviewer say anything good and positive about this newsletter and the advice in it.

How can that be? How can they still be getting away with their bait and switch tactics?


I noticed that the 3% loss they talk about is only numerical %, not a $ % of the total investment, ie if 97% of the time you make ie 20% of your total investment, but 3% of the the time you lose big, ie 500%, you might be in dept big time!


Although I have not at this point actually invested in any of their picks I have followed along for a long time and I don't see the inaccuracies on The presses side! what I see, is obviously disgruntled people, who expect the impossible and, read only what they want; first It appears that, most complaints were only first level tear purchasers, when it was clear that if you were serious about making money, you may have to spend some; furthermore they always end with there are no Guarantees in the market:What I really want to Know is if you were in fact using trailing stops and a good broker how could you lose 85%? sounds to me like, those who cry don't do any homework or, missed class altogether?

to 4 real Dave #1556036

when you you lose big, trailing stops don't work, by mthe time your stop is filled it is so far far below your stop its esentially worthless, but brokers correctly say that stops work for normal small movements.

to 4 real Dave #1582218

Hey 4 Real Dave, you must be on Galani's payroll! I been followin his over hyped "prefidiction" systems for many years and have never even come close to being as profitable as his promises! He's just another Money Map scammer!


The Money Zone is also worthless. Nothing but losers


SOO glad I didn't join. Decided to research more before I it that join 2000.00 button.

I thought to myself that if it didn't work out, I could get my money back. NO way will I give someone with such poor performance any $ Thanks for all the comments, it saved me big time.

All I can say, is if you think it is easy to do and you can make money fast, NOT TRUE. SCAM or Fraud alert people.

to Terrie S #1529786

Glad I could save you 2k. Not to mention what you would have lost in trades!!!


Thanks, I will stay away from these guys!!!

to Kevinc #1529787

Glad I could save you 2k. Not to mention what you would have lost in trades!!!


money zone crap how to get refund they d o not reply to emails and even had the phone thrown down on me on two occassions they are a fiddling twisted bunch of self professed captain marvels ,not worth a bucket of sh1 t

to mickeyjay #1529788

Sounds like you got screwed too. So sorry.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I now can stay away from that scam.

You can always know when it is a scam by the no refund policy unless you do this or that. Thank you again!!


Very helpful. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

This will save many people their hard earned money. Unbelievable amount of sales pitches from that company.

The only one I find trust worthy with good information at MMP is Keith Fitzgerald. However, I still recommend doing your own analysis of his stock recommendations before you invest.


this is not only with the options but with everyone who claims high profits programs..


Thank you for your post! I almost signed up for Shah Gilani's service.I did not after reading your post.

to Anonymous #1529790

So glad you didn't!!!

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