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No! Gentlemen or Ladies ~ My degree of 'pisstitudes'* has not been elevated by anything MoneyMapPress has done.

Furthermore, in the event my 'pissivity'* level does rise to one of "ya'-better-complain-or-this'll-fester-till-ya'-goin'-a-go-even-nuttier", and, as we all know - this is not a desirable state in which to be! Thanks for the opportunity to make you smile, at least? While on the subject - your use of ''PISSED" seems even cruder next to my words just below. Yeah?

* & ** 'Pisstitude" and "Pissivity level" - words usable by a lady, or a gentlemen not wishing to sound crude by saying, out loud, the 'root word' in the title of this site! "PISSED!" FOR SHAME!!! "PISSIVITY" or "LEVEL OF PISSTITUDES". Fun, Fun and more Fun!

They almost always get a laugh, or a smile, at least! These are words words utterable in any company. FYI, these are words of my creation for such Ladies, or Gentlemen who wish to use them.

I thought a little humor in an ominously named, and an unhappy site might be a welcomed relief - good. I feel certain I was correct.

Reason of review: GENERALLY HAPPY.

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I don't believe you. Do you work there?

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